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Mysterious Patron Hooks

Patrons often employ adventurers and send them on quests. Many have their own secrets. Many hire adventurers or sponsor murder hobos for all kinds of reasons. patrons are handy to motivate adventurers and can eventually lead to more adventures and revelations. I'm not a huge fan of the heist+betrayal trope which is especially played out in SF games. In FRPG the patron mostly wants the party to enter a dungeon and rob monsters which isn't so awful. Many gifts are in fact adventure seeds. Many of these are quick adventure seeds. In shadelport many magicians like to spy on adventurers and broadcast as illusions to audiences. The Baron's Dungeon Games are the most popular and best knows with a viewing chamber designed for elites in the palace and other more common ones throughout the city. The common man gets to see puppet show and actors versions only.

Im working through my old request lists and finding them less ambitious to my own stuff.

d10 Means of secrecy and delivery
01 Urchin messengers who know nothing
02 Animal messenger like a pigeon or dog possibly a familiar
03 Messages just appear in adventurers room by magic
04 Has a agent sworn to secrecy
05 Uses a merchant or tavern keeper or shop owner
06 Thief slips note into pocket where to collect goods
07 Courier service with no return address
08 Strongbox in bank vault
09 Strange cowled figure who does not speak
10 Clerk from a lawfirm who knows nothing

d10 Patron Goals
01 To destroy minions and plans of a rival schemer
02 To mould adventurers into a force for good deeds
03 To recover relics and documents for some scheme
04 To disturb the order and shake up long stagnant forces
05 To undermine the economy and social order with cashed up murder hobos
06 To recover goods and knowledge for scholarly interest
07 To recover artworks and treasures desired for a collection
08 To clear our haunted places to occupy with own minions 
09 To have some entertainment
10 To gain favours from important people

d10 Patron is really...

01 A horrid cult leader
02 A shapeshifting creature in disguise
03 A noble scheming against rivals
04 A wealthy status hungry merchant
05 A charitable wealthy noble
06 A rich scholar
07 A former adventurer
08 A powerful priest
09 A publisher seeking lurid tales to print and sell
10 A wizard seeking arcane secrets

d100 Hooks from a Patron
01 Map to a cave system location
02 Map to a dungeon complex location
03 Map of a dungeon level
04 Map of a secret temple
05 Map of a ruined castle
06 Map to a haunted house location
07 Map to pirate treasure
08 Map to a secret cult shrine
09 Map to a hidden crypt
10 Map to a secret gang headquaters

11 Deed to a haunted townhouse
12 Chest belonging to missing adventurers

13 Book belonging to ancient wizard
14 Sea chest belonging to missing sea captain
15 Deed to a seaside cottage
16 Deed to a forgotten farm house
17 Deed to a family crypt
18 Puzzlebox belonging to sorceror unopened
19 Box of unopened old potion bottles and papers
20 Box of old posters with maps scrawled on back in charcoal
21 Box with a magic mouth delivers riddle
22 Strange glowing crystal
23 Scroll with a history spell and a rusty dagger
24 Scroll with s Speak to dead spell and a human hand
25 Scroll with invisible writing
26 Scroll with coded message
27 Scroll with prehuman writing
28 Stone tablet with ancient script
29 Talking skull in a box
30 Box with a chicken brooding a monster egg
31 Kobold in a sack who knows dungeon location
32 Address of a old murder hobo who knows secret dungeon entrance
33 Address of a former slave who spent years lost in the underland
34 Address of a sea captain in sailors home who visited a strange island
35 Deed to a mine where miners all disapeared
36 Spirit in a bottle seeks resolution to murder and betrayal 
37 Painting an night spirit maid enters dreams seeking aid against injustice
38 Talking goat knows location of evil cult but nobody believes him
39 Pair of doves, once young lovers betrayed by evil uncle
40 Orc slave who knows where local orc tribes live and a dungeon
41 Scrawled map with passwords for cultist meetingplace in sewers
42 Squat green demon idol with recognisable coastline and sat on bottom
43 Diary of subterranean explorer
44 Wooden board with orc treasure map carved on surface
45 Map showing local monoliths and several marked with evil symbols 
46 A pamphlet telling wild exageration of party recent adventure
47 Contract tender notice from assassins guild mentioning party
48 Erotic caricature of party member from lurid underground press
49 Defamatory cartoon print of party being sold in market from famous character artist
50 Directions to satirical puppet show about adventurers
51 Strange black seal that fits into slot in prehuman sculpture in ruined wall nearby
52 Report from secret police spy indiating party being watched
53 List of guild master names with crosses through them and dates
54 Location of a thieves guild on back of wanted poster for gang
55 Tickets to see a monster vivisection in wizard school
56 Tickets to front seat of a execution
57 Tickets to a stage show
58 Two for one meal voucher at posh reseraunt
59 Crate of wine bottles of exotic foreign wine
60 Address of drug house where lotus eaters lay about in smokey haze
61 Lease for tiny shop or alehouse for d4+1 years 
62 Key that opens locked sewer entries near city walls
63 Family tree with note on back indicating sole survivor to be sold at an auction
64 Note indicating previously unknown sibling of character lives
65 Will naming character in old sealed letter written 20 years ago
66 Dark elf map showing several tree forts in the dark forest
67 Potion that reveals past life and location of treasure to drinker
68 Painting of the party with gilded frame
69 Lease for 4 years of large loft of warehouse/apartment building on harbour
70 Deed for a small 16 man sailing boat in drydock with one month paid fees
71 Location of sinkhole and notes on local disapearances
72 Token to see a particular prostitute in a noble whorehouse
73 Bottle with old island map inside
74 Turtle plastron with native carvings of islands
75 Huge gilded key that looks like from a palace
76 Map of known world with unknown islands marked on by later person
77 Map of known world showing a huge landmass and larger coastlines
78 Map showing unknown buried tombs in known location 
79 Tattooed mummified severed hand of a wizard
80 Portrait of noble from long ago spitting image of a character
81 Portrait of handsome youth character finds alluring, lover from a past life
82 Arrow that always points same direction and vibrates as draw closer to target
83 Crate of delicious popular beer and ket to brewery back door 
84 Mummy in a crate of serpent man that a cult wants badly
85 Ivory Idol in box that cult need back to call demon master
86 Relic of a church will be very grateful for return and offer healing magic
87 Crate with monster statue that a cult is trying to awaken to life
88 Crate with cocoon of catfishman wizard hibernating for thousands of years
89 Crate with statue of ancient woman actually petrified with stone to flesh scroll
90 An old book of seamonster and fishmen sightings on the coast
91 An old book mentioning dungeons that might still be found
92 An old book with family trees that disprove title of a current noble
93 Suicide note of youth naming horrible villain who ruined many lives
94 Collection of prehuman coins and map of a building site in city
95 Letter describing someone finding a brick mine near a village
96 Notice of a ship on treasure expedition needing senior crew
97 Notice of men needed for expedition into mountains
98 Note of praise from secret admirer with 1000gp
99 Key and address for storage locker in warehouse
100 Mummified shaman curled up in box with tattooed map of wasteland location

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d100 Gossip During the Revolution

Sequel to
This is stuff people discuss in taverns during the revolt. Different sympathies, spies, raconteurs,  conservatives and radicals. This does not need treasure table like the dragon series. A follow up of a siege war zone for towns and cities under siege would work well.

Obviously some of these rumours are lies and propaganda spread by bards and spies. Some of these rumours could start the next riot. Everyday people are killed for spreading such gossip. Not picking a side makes you the enemy of both sides eventually. Just when you pick a side you hear of some awful act committed by your faction. The dungeon is looking safer every day and many flee to the wilderness to hide till the war ends. On the southern continent of the Empire perpetual revolt and civil war have shattered the empire for a decade now. The petulant sadist boy emperor has become more restrained but it is too late for peace now.

Gossip During the Revolution
01 The ruler has more sympathy for lords and foreign interests than common people
02 The nobility will say anything to maintain their privilege and cannot be trusted
03 The rich are in league with devils and have sold soul of the nation to hell
04 The rich enjoy finest food and clothes while the commoners live in filth and squalor
05 The tyrants and the rich seek to keep the poor slaves 
06 The rich have brought foreign religious ideas and keep the poor out of their churches
07 The lords of the land feasted on fine food while shooting the poor dressed as animals
08 The nobility have no idea how the poor live and believe the gods favour them
09 The rich will never learn and so we need to execute them all, long live the revolt!
10 The rich are really witches who eat babies and summon demons to keep them in power

11 The poor are ignorant filthy beasts and need the guidance of their betters
12 The mob commit awful ungodly acts of cruelty and depravity and deserve death

13 The poor are scruffy godless heathens and in the name of god need to be yoked
14 Commoners have been killing and eating bankers and merchants alive
15 The poor only act like the faithful but really worship dark pagan powers and demons
16 The poor brought their dreadful condition on themselves if only they worked harder
17 The poor dream above their god ordained station and deserve their suffering
18 If only the poor would accept their lot in life and not torment themselves with fantasy
19 All the wretched poor from servants to household cant be trusted, all plot treason
20 Filthy peasants have called for the head of our ruler may the gods smite them all
21 Witches have been seen swarming in the skies by night spreading chaos
22 A noble general has a pet clearly a devilish familiar spirit advising his cruel acts
23 Churches serving rich and poor are on fire and priests have been murdered  
24 Whole villages have been burned and the land is scattered with refugees
25 The river is choked with massacred corpses of both sides
26 Only the axe makers have benefited from all the executions on both sides
27 Foreign powers have been watching with envious eyes and waiting to invade
28 Foreign powers are terrified the revolt will spread to their lands
29 Foreign powers caused this war with agents and troublemakers
30 The mob stormed the prisons freeing cutthroats and murderers to roam the land
31 Criminals and zealots have seized power over the mob leading them to greater atrocities
32 Whole noble families have been murdered, ancient lines now gone forever
33 A great peasant leader tried to talk terms of peace but the nobles just murdered him
34 The mob have been burning rich homes full of art and fine things
35 The countryside is in ruins and will never be the same again
36 The common man is armed and nobody is safe from the mob
37 New leaders keep appearing and being replaced in coup after bloody coup
38 The ruler has invited foreign troops into the country, a gross act of treason 
39 Bandits and criminals have risen to prominence in the mob
40 Soon the mob will crown a murderer in mockery of the nobility  
41 Everyone is hungry and noble and peasant has turned to canibalism
42 The rulers are bankrupt and forcing nobles to lend money to the war effort
43 Noble armies desperate for food have been looting the countryside and the farm folk
44 Peace, land and bread has become the chant of the mob marching on the empty palaces
45 Foreign nations have promised the mob gold for their war efforts to undermine the rulers
46 Many records have been burned by the mob damaging the nobles tax revenue
47 Each day brings fresh stories of atrocities on both sides
48 The war is no longer about right and wrong, now it is just a matter of survival
49 Signs and omens of evil are being reported daily 
50 The whole court are engaged in demonic orgies and need to be killed
51 Everyone is being accused of espionage, best just lay low and don't stand out
52 Both sides have been sending adventurers to loot tombs and dungeons for war funds
53 A faction have begun issuing paper money they claim will be worth silver after the war
54 Torture and murder have become so commonplace nobody will be unscarred by the war
55 The war has turned every side utterly evil all claiming necessity for their atrocities
56 The ruler has had men steal from the church for war funds but promises he will repay
57 Common men starve and give their all, nobles still dress like fops and expect the best
58 Velvet, lace, silk and finery are signs of noble scum and will be banned by new order
59 Only strict service to the gods will save us now, stern morals not grog will win
60 Just the other day our ruler enjoyed roast swan, pheasant and the finest wine
61 The price of just one of our rulers outlandish outfits could feed a town for a year
62 In this new war weapons are changing, gunpowder is becoming more common
63 A prison for noble families has been set up in a ruined castle where they await death
64 Plague has broken out in places under seige, it must be the end of the world
65 A witch hunter has himself been accused of witchcraft after burning dozens of women
66 Common country priests allied with the poor demand the church share its wealth
67 A bishop imploring the common folk be patient was torn apart by the mob
68 Our just ruler has decreed anyone in revolt will be damned to hell and executed
69 Some villages have been depopulated leaving them in ruins 
70 The ruler's hunt for traitors has left so few able men they cannot manage the war effort
71 Eveyday the ruler sees traitors everywhere and sends several allies to be executed
72 A assassin injured the ruler while dining on lampreys, just a commoner with a gun
73 A general enraged the mob by roping peasants to the mouths of cannons as a threat
74 A mob leader has declared all nobles everywhere must die and a new order begin
75 A noble woman was thrown to the mob and killed, enraging the noble armies
76 Printing presses have proliferated and both sides print lurid pamphlets or enemy crimes
77 Commoners parading in looted noble fashion were attacked by a rival mob of zealots
78 The ruler was saddened after discovery he had executed his advisors due to enemy lies 
79 A woman has has led a mob to victory over a royalist army, surely the world is ending
80 A stench of death covers the land, wild dogs roam feeding off the dead, woe to our land
81 Alchemists have made the secrets of black powder commonplace changing everything
82 Humanoid monsters from the wasteland have been massing and raiding daily
83 Cultists have infiltrated both sides in secrets, the rich versus the poor is just a sham
84 The factions of demon worshipers controlling both sides seek to trigger the apocalypse
85 Enemy armies have been crossing our borders killing and looting as the will
86 The king has allied with our nations enemies promising them who knows what
87 A noble scholar has suggested the poor all be killed and replaced with humanoid slaves
88 I have seen the leaders of the mob drinking and dining like nobles the hypocrites!
89 The river is so choked with corpses that the water is fouled with plague
90 Rat swarms have grown so bold they enter houses and eat whole families alive
91 The ruler has contracted wizards to make him orcs and zombies to win the war
92 Werewolves and vampires have been more open, easily feeding and killing in the chaos
93 A witch hunter confessed under torture to be in it for the money and to rob old widows
94 Cats are the minions of evil, these devil familiars have been the cause of the whole war
95 Recently a mob burned a family of nobles and imps fled their burning bodies
96 Our ruler has been bewitched by his mistress, a succubus sent to ruin the kingdom 
97 One of the royal children has fallen ill and another was captured by the mob
98 In these dark days only the church can save us, demons walk our land in the open
99 One faction of the mob propose all property and children be held in common property
100 Noblemen have been renting out their wives to raise war funds the dirty bastards

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d100 Draconic Loot

When dragons become commonplace during a swarm or plague or planned invasion, draconic items become more commonplace and mostly cheaper. Except anti dragon relics and items they become more expensive. This is a list of the kind of crap in magic shops during such a event. Feel free to increase costs when dragons not under every rock or behind every cloud. Price varies from size and breed also. Prices here for shop price, they only pay about a third at best for dragon giblets and gore. Many Items are fit to be enchanted as if mithril or adamantine or meteoric steel. You might have a shop specializing in dragon gimmick stuff too. Some of these goods are actually from dragon cultists. Of course that guy has a dragon cult robe he bought it as a curio from the dragon shop, honest.

Will do draconic mutations, spells and missions yet as Im still feeling out my warzone tables concept more.

d10 Quick Dragon Item Types
01 Fresh body parts
02 Dragon taxidermy
03 Arms
04 Armour & Clothing
05 Dragon Fluids
06 Cult Items
07 Dragon artworks
08 Dragon texts
09 Draconic potions
10 Dragonbane relics 

 Draconic Loot
01 Dragon Scales - a common souvenir 1sp-1gp depending on size and breed 
02 Dragon Tooth - on a leather cord, polished 40-200gp depending on size
03 Dragon Eye - pickled in fluid, eaten to cure eye disease or in see invisible potion 100gp
04 Dragon Penis - dried used as aphrodisiac powder or fertility charm 100gp
05 Dragon Skin - useful for leathercraft, clothes, +1 save vs dragon breath type 5gp/foot
06 Dragon Bones - make delicious soup or good for divination 10-25gp
07 Dragon Flesh - delicious rich meat, heals 1HP 20gp a meal or pound
08 Dragon Heart - if eaten makes consumer immune to fear 400gp
09 Dragon Brain - used in dragon control potions from 100gp depending on type
10 Dragonfoot umbrella stand - tasteless decor item 75gp also good for staves, wands, etc

11 Mounted Dragon Head - 300gp+ depending on type, popular in taverns or noble houses
12 Dragonclaw - often gripping a glass ball or a rail 75gp

13 Dragon Beard - in display box some think they have magic power 75gp
14 Dragon Tail - often used as door stopper or hung from roof 100gp
15 Dragon Horn - horns mounted on wood or used as military signal horn 100gp
16 Dragon Egg - insides removed, often decorated or carved by craftsmen 100gp 
17 Pickled Dragon Guts - leftovers from stuffing pickled in vinegar or brine 60gp
18 Stuffed Dragon Man -  often posed in various ways 100gp
19 Stuffed Baby Dragon - often posed in various ways 100gp
20 Stuffed Dragon -  will leave plenty of organs and meat to sell 100gp/HD
21 Dragon Claw Knife  - ornamental curved knife d3 30gp
22 Dragon Claw Dagger - ornamental curved dagger d4 45gp
23 Dragon Tooth Short Sword - ornate carved tooth with hilt d6 100gp
24 Dragon Tooth Spear - bone haft and carved tooth d8 250gp
25 Dragon Bone Light Mace - with carved head d6 100gp
26 Dragon Bone Heavy Mace - with imbedded teeth in bone d8 200gp
27 Dragon Tooth Arrow - made from bone and small tooth +1 hit and damage 25gp 
28 Dragonskin Shield - skin over wood and bone +1 vs dragon breath type 100gp
29 Dragonbone Axe - with dragon sinew fixed steel blade d8 200gp
30 Dragonbone Composite Bow - take several years with skilled crafter d8 1000gp
31 Dragon Skin Cloak - gives +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 200gp
32 Dragon Shirt - attractive shirt or vest 85gp
33 Dragonskin Codpiece - hit with ladies, frowned by priests 75gp
34 Dragonskin Gloves - comfortable and durable 45gp 
35 Dragon Hide Belt - impressive strong belt for equipment 85gp
36 Dragon Hide Boots - durable, comfortable 100gp 
37 Dragon Trewes - comfortable dragon trousers 150gp
38 Dragon Helm - from head of small dragon +1AC & save vs dragon breath type 500gp
39 Dragon Scale Armour - AC+4 +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 400gp
40 Dragon Bone Armour - AC+6 Mv9" +1 save vs dragon breeds breath type 650gp
41 Dragon Blood - various properties for potions or causes mutations 10gp bottle
42 Dragon Venom - causes disease if gets in open wounds as blade venom 50gp
43 Dragon Bile - stains flesh and stinks, toxic organ destroying ingested poison 100gp
44 Dragon Urine - smelly highly corrosive acid in glass bottle d6 damage 25gp 
45 Dragon Semen - preserved in chemicals can create dragon hybrids 100gp
46 Dragon Oil - rendered from fat and high quality lamp oil that is hard to put out 30gp47 Dragon Tears - makes drinker feel melancholy of dragon race, addictive 20gp 
48 Dragon Spittle - high quality lubricant 15gp
49 Dragon Ambergris - makes sweet smelling perfume 45gp
50 Dragon Sweat - feels stimulating sensation on skin 15gp
51 Dragon Cultist Cape - various colors one side, black on other 10gp
52 Dragon Cult Mask - various colours made of dyed leather 15gp
53 Dragon Lord Helm - worn by dragon cult warriors 25gp
54 Dragon Cult Prayer Scroll - illuminated vellum chant, various sects 10gp 
55 Dragon Cult Holy Text - illuminated vellum book, various sects 100gp 
56 Dragon Dung - highly flammable but smell, on a stick burns as torch 6 hours 10gp
57 Dragon Cult Coin - gold coin of ancient dragon empire used to identify members 5gp
58 Dragon Unguent - rubbed all over +1 save vs one type of dragon breath one hour 30gp
59 Dragon Oil Candle - scrapped off oil from dragon burns for 4 hours 20pg
60 Dragon Snot - in nugget or liquid form, must have some use 10gp
61 Tapestry - of a dragon fighting knights 30 foot long by 3 foot 100gp
62 Miniature Painting - fits in pocket 30gp
63 Oil Painting of Dragon - menacing chained naked youth 100gp
64 Wooden Dragon Collectible Statuette - wood or clay, fits in pocket 3gp
65 Dragon Anatomy Chart - butchery guide shows uses for body parts 50gp
66 Dragon Identification Chart - shows scouts how to tell types apart 10gp
67 Dragon Gold Pendant - decorative holding a crystal 100gp
68 Dragon Marionette - popular with the children, wooden and painted 12gp
69 Dragon Kite - popular with the children made from silk paper 5gp
70 Dragon Plush Dolly - popular with younger children, cloth and straw 1gp
71 Dragon Recipe Book - features recipes for cooking and utility 100gp
72 Dragon Fighting Manual - instructing one in combat methods 100gp
73 Dragon Language Text - from ancient times or dragon cult 100gp
74 Draconomicon - natural history of dragons by ancient scholar 100gp
75 Annals of the Dragons - history of last time dragons swarmed 100gp
76 Chronicle of Tiamat - story of dragon mothers war with  the gods 100gp
77 How to Serve Dragons - how to keep your dragon master happy 100gp
78 Lineage of the Reptilian Races -  natural history of reptiles and dragons 100gp
79 Vile Book of Dragons - stories and lewd pictures of dragon sex 100gp
80 Keeping Your Dragon - how to keep a imprisoned dragon in good health 100gp
81 Potion of Invisibility to Dragons - masks your scent from dragons not magical 100gp
82 Potion of Dragon Bait - smells delicious used to trap or on sacrifices 100gp
83 Potion of Dragon Bane - possibly smells revolting to dragons when burned 100gp
84 Potion of Bad Dragon Taste - possibly makes you taste unpleasant to dragons 100gp
85 Potion of Dragon Sleep - makes dragons feel like a nap after eaten 300gp
86 Potion of Dragon Detection - sense dragons within 300 yards (not in human form) 400gp
87 Potion of Dragon Speech - allows you to converse with dragons but not read 400gp
88 Oil of Dragon Breath Resistance - types for each breed of dragon 400gp
89 Potion of Dragon Breath - breath 2d6 dragon breath within 1" per round for a turn 400gp
90 Potion of Dragon Control - various types per breed of dragon for a 5d4 rounds 5000+gp
91 Lance of the Dragon - +1 vs dragons and draconic beings 1000gp
92 Lance of the Dragon Killer - +1+3vs dragons* 4000gp
93 Sword of Reptiles - +1 Sword +4 vs reptiles and dragons 4000gp
94 Shield of the Dragon Slayer - +1+4 vs dragons and +4 save vs dragon breathe 6000gp
95 Girdle of Dragon Friend - wearer can speak dragon and get positive reactions 4000gp 
96 Holy Symbol of Dragon Turning - lets a priest turn a dragon once per day 3000gp
97 Arrow of Dragon Slaying - kills one type of dragon once if it hits 2500gp
98 Dragon Blade - +2 and +d4 dam as if from type of dragon breath** 6000gp
99 Spear of Dragon Slaying - +2 +4 vs Dragons, double dam vs one colour* 4000gp
100 Sword of Dragon Slaying - +2 +4 vs Dragons, double dam vs one colour* 4500gp
*Intelligent, holds souls of fanatic dragon slayer who gives often unwanted advice
**Intelligent with soul of a dragon which might lie or advise depending on dragon type alignment

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d100 Draconic Gossip during the dragon war

Dragons are jerks everybody knows that. And when dragons invade you hear all kinds of gossip.  Will do draconic loot and reminded of draconolgy or dracomancy based wizards.
Possibly draconic mutations might be handy.

This is to accompany 

d100 Draconic Gossip
01 Dragons have been sleeping for aeons and have awoken now there is enough food
02 Dragons like to eat humans as part of their reproductive cycle to help them produce eggs
03 Dragons are a sign of divine displeasure, prayer and good living will diminish them
04 Many dragons live in hell and come to the mortal realm to hunt
05 Dragon eggs can take milenium to hatch and are buried far and wide
06 Dragon skin armour is valuable but enrages reptilians 
07 You can placate dragons by feeding them horses, cattle or virgins
08 Dragon blood and hearts have magical powers if eaten
09 Dragons can be appeased by gifts of treasure and cattle
10 It's the end of the world and dragons will burn and eat everything

11 Every dragon has a weak spot which can be found by trial and error
12 Thunderlizards are incomplete degenerate dragon spawn from long ago

13 Dragons were spawned to battle gods and giants in primordial times
14 We need to grab all the food we can and move into dungeons and seal ourselves in
15 In the old days sacrificing cattle and virgins kept us safe we need to do this again
16 A priest tried talking to the dragons and they just burned him and ate him
17 Dragons are mostly dumb animals, the smart ones you can deal with
18 Some dragons serve official positions in the celestial court but they are mostly unseen
19 The lords of hell are not so pleased with dragons rampaging, perhaps they will aid us
20 The dragons attacked temples and wizard towers first, they want us dumb like cattle
21 If we feed the dragons enough they will go back to sleep for a aeon
22 The dragon cultists try to gain favour of the dragons through worship, perhaps we should
23 The reptilian alliance is more fragile than thought, secretly they hate each other
24 The serpents and lizards and dragons are united in keeping humans weak only
25 Kobolds think they are dragon kin but realy they are too small and taste bad
26 A dragon cultist could be right here, drawing their masters to burn us all
27 If we could find the hellgate we could seal it and end this war
28 If we could go to the dragonspawn pits and destroy their eggs we could win
29 Dragonmen were made by eating dragon eggs and joined the dragon cause
30 Someone saw different coloured dragons mating so we will see new breeds soon
31 If only good dragons were not all in heaven serving the gods instead of helping us
32 In other lands the dragons are not all evil and can be reasoned with
33 Some dragons can change their form and walk among us
34 Serpent men predate dragons and seek to be dominant after humans are crushed
35 Lizard men are mostly sick of humans for once they were a great civilization
36 Dinosaurs are being hatched by lizardmen using their ancient magic 
37 If we burn our houses and hide the dragons will move on
38 If we swore alliegence to a smart dragon he would protect us from other dragons
39 Our gods have failed us dragons are the new power of this age
40 This kingdom is done for, we should flee while we can
41 We should round up the old, weak and criminal to give to dragons as a peace offering
42 If we build a idol of a dragon they will spare us for worshiping them
43 Only a zealous return to the old ways of our faith will end this tyranny of dragons
44 I hear there are realms beneath the earth we could all live free of dragons
45 Every part of a dragon is valuable and worth a fortune, they might be a blessing
46 Primal Tiamat is the mother of dragons and we must prey to her for forgiveness
47 Alchemists have been making life and some made whole dragons in huge aparatus
48 Wizards and alchemists brought dragons here and we should kill them
49 Our priest has done nothing to stop the dragons we shouls sacrifice him to the dragons
50 We can hold a lottery to see who gets eaten that would be the fairest way to decide
51 Salamander wool makes fire proof clothing and roofing to protect us from dragons
52 Humans are finished, lets all get drunk then poison ourselves and take a few dragons too
53 Perhaps elves or dwarves will aid us, if we beg they might let us in their kingdoms 
54 If only a true hero would unite us all and drive the dragons back to hell
55 Elves and dwarves, they must have seen draconic swarms before and know something
56 I hear a giant and a dragon had a fight, we should send treasure to the giant king
57 I've heard a dread artifact in a dungeon could be used for good to drive away dragons
58 We should stake out women and children for the dragons to eat so they spare us 
59 A man told me the name of a demon who might aid me if i should see a dragon
60 The dragon cult can act as speakers to the dragons so the accept our surrender 
61 The rich have been fleeing and leaving the poor to be eaten, typical
62 If we stuffed a cow full of black powder it might be a effective dragon trap  
63 Men tried to shoot a dragon with a cannon but dragons learn fast and the men died
64 Great fog clouds from the sea have stopped shipping, dragon turtles they say
65 If you rub dragon dung over your body they will not eat you
66 Dragons are asleep in their lairs are most vulnerable to attack
67 Witches called the dragons we must find and burn them
68 Someone saw a dragon digging up a graveyard for food, some prefer aged meat
69 Even if the kingdom survives we will be weak and suffer invasions for years after
70 Many refugees have been turned away from cities and some have turned to banditry
71 Everywhere food is short, people are fighting over foodstuff
72 With so much dragon scale and flesh about magic using them is more common
73 Dragon cult wizards have been using spells mostly used by dragons in the past
74 Many dragons have been mating with local monsters so expect more hybrid horrors now
75 The dragon cult seem to think they will be in charge soon and many are flocing to them
76 Dragonmen come from remains of dead dragons using long forgotten spells
77 Dragonmen come from lizard men mating with dragons
78 New strange dragon hybrids monsters have been seen of late
79 Some dragon cultists have developed draconic mutations making them easy to detect
80 Knights have been busy rescuing maidens from dragons left out by villagers
81 A knight who rescued a sacrificial maiden killed all the men who chained her up
82 Draconic items once rare and valuable have become more common
83 Some draconic cults worship kindly dragons or celestial dragons but such sects are rare
84 Dragons walk among us in disguise observing how humans cope in these times
85 Magic that harms reptiles and dragons has become very valuable and scarce
86 A dragon slaying weapon was rumoured to be lost in a dungeon a century ago
87 Dragon cultists were stockpiling anti dragon magic years before the invasion
88 Sorcerers of draconic bloodlines have become despised and are accused of witchcraft
89 Mutants with draconic features have become more common, tainted by dragonblood
90 Some heroes who fought dragons and touched blood have developed mutations
91 Dragon pie and dragon roast have become popular dishes among the ruling court
92 A wizard in the city pays good money for dragon brains for some reason
93 When the dragon plague is over our land with have been made stronger by the ordeal 
94 The taint of dragons will linger long after these troubled times
95 Dragonmen have been developing new exotic varieties based on their bloodlines
96 Dragon dung and blood if fantastic fertilized that benefits crops for years
97 If you eat a dragon egg you gain incredible draconic abilities and all dragons know
98 Dragonmen have been increasingly squabbling with lizard men who find them bossy
99 Dragons are reincarnated on death and may recognise their killers in their next life
100 A knight who killed a dragon has been sleeping with dozens of noble ladies

Monday, 20 November 2017

Peasant Revolt War Zone

So this concept based on the dragon invasion seemed to work well. Brother Juniper on G+ recommended this post and the visual impression in my mind said yes. Lots of good comments of late which always gets me working on this blog more. The next book I do will be the murder hobo manual but a while off. Shadelport book I will be printing a3 to edit and hope to have revised bigger version possibly on lulu/rpg net by xmas as a test project. Id like a hardcover anyway. Psychon revision might follow up.

Wondering about adding rumours table to these war zone features. Any other suggestions welcome.

This post will focus on revolts, revolutions and civil wars. Inspired by some of english peasant revolts, english civil war, french and russian revolutions and colonial uprisings. It could also be used to run the human revolt against the vassals of the monster kings if players ever time travel back as Iv had built in the setting since the 80s.

It also focuses more on urban than some of the others. I might consider a siege based bunch of tables for when parties trapped in a city or castle during a war. Mixing this with siege war zone would work well. Big fun.

This is not one of those fantasy revolts where the good guys establish utopia after a montage of heroic struggle with muppets fighting profesional troops with sticks and nets and nobody gets hurt. This is horrible, dangerous and cruel. If players get in the mix and support a faction they might get caught up in purges and counter revolts. Revolts are often sponsored by foreign powers or dynasties and not really about helping the poor.

Factions often struggle with each other, some uniting some crumbling, some destroy each other or factions might form a united government that use elections or treachery to seize absolute power. A 2d4 starting factions might begin and weekly rolls on faction table will remove or add factions to the struggle. Factions might represent different ethnic groups, religions, economic zones or settlements. Some factions might want just a kinder ruler, others might want no more nobility or rich or a democratic parliament. Allying with or leading a faction is dangerous but could result in absolute power.

Forces description are good for other warzones as defending armies vs enemy types.

Possibly elements of this could be used in a dungeon. A dungeon might have brutal inter-faction conflict and could produce similar results. Often during wars regions might break out in rebellion or behind lines might increasingly resemble revolt areas.

d10 Starting the Revolt
01 A new tax oppresses the people
02 A costly war hurts the common folk most
03 A popular hero is executed for crimes against the crown
04 A rival dynasty exorts the mob with promises of improvements
05 Famine has driven the commoners mad with hunger
06 A traditional right has been taken by the ruling class
07 Rebels are funded by foriegn power using agents to stir the mob
08 Middleclass idealists fermenting revolt
09 Older mode of religion is being oppressed by the nobility endorsing new faith
10 A massacre of innocent peasants incited unrest

d10 Rebellion Military Objectives
01 Burn down government and church records of tax, births, deaths, marraiges
02 Behead the unjust tyrant and supporters
03 Kill bureaucrats such as tax collectors, court officials and goveners
04 Make the tyrant and nobles promise to improve conditions and rights
05 Seize food and money from the rich and merchant classes
06 Burn down buildings that are instruments of the oppressive regime
07 Set free all the state prisoners and slaves
08 Kill militia and military leaders who don't side with revolution
09 Exterminate the monied classes who oppress the poor
10 Establish new government for benefit of the commoners

d10 Ending the Revolt
01 Invaders enter country uniting everyone as foreigners worse than local tyrants
02 Most of the buildings and infrastructure are destroyed leaving nation in ruins
03 Most of the ruling class and state clergy dead or flee
04 Surviving nobility sign treaty ending conflict with promises (will 50% break promptly)
05 A faction of ruling class or foriegners support commoner take over
06 Ruler is beheaded publicly and new government formed
07 A distant heir arrives or common hero emerges and promises to return to good old days
08 Plague devastated all factions leaving country anarchic ruined wasteland
09 After destroying old order various factions struggle to control whats left
10 A faction of religious inspired zealots inspire the mob and seize control

d10 Faction Goals
1 Support a different bloodline of traditional monarchs who promise to be kinder
2 Support a religious faction who promise to rule on theocratic principles
3 Formed from criminal classes who claim they were always for the people and against rich
4 Wish to enshrine legal rights and guarantees for the common man
5 Seek to end slavery and serfs forever at any price establishing a new order of free men
6 Aim to kill all enemies at any cost then worry about governing
7 Create a new order with no masters and a bureaucratic order enforcing equality
8 Military order where whole economy serve armed forces and spread revolution abroad
9 Claim to support common freedom but really run by hostile agents or a cult or mobsters
10 Preach freedom but seek a middle class mercantile society based on money

d10 Faction Events
1 Two factions settle their differences and unite
2 Faction invites other to talks and betray them with bloody slaughter
3 Faction has a bloody coup and a new leader takes control
4 Faction leadership are slaughtered by the remaining old order forces
5 Faction splits into two over some petty difference and become bitter enemies
6 New faction emerges surprising everybody becoming a new force to deal with
7 Faction crumbles from incompetence, scandal and internal struggle 
8 Faction are slaughtered by the old order forces
9 Faction betray everyone and take direction and money from a foreign power
10 Faction makes deal with the old order and join them

d10 Faction Support Base
1 A rural district with hastily improvised fortified village or town
2 A religious stronghold with a fortified church, monastery or holy place
3 A city state or town with tradition of independance
4 Suburb or district of a city barricaded
5 Castle taken early or donated by rebel noble
6 Encampment in forest or mountains difficult to find
7 A easily defended dungeon complex 
8 A ruin refurbished as defencive base
9 A manor house taken early in struggle or donated
10 A cavern complex with many secret and secured entries

Rebel Forces
Rebels are mostly untrained mobs. They may in course of war improve and adapt. They often incorporate existing rebels or bandits who in fact were outcasts and mostly robbed the rich. Sometimes soldiers will join the mob and will help train them. Most rebels are irregular and undisciplined but rely on numbers. Equipment of rebels often inferior, old and inconsistent. As war goes on and competent leaders receive foreign aid and spend booty they may form new more modern armies able to try new weapons giving them a edge. Common forces often shun flashy displays of wealth while the old order might make more flamboyant displays of wealth and waste. Mobs might fail morale checks and make foolish decisions rather than flee. They might charge, fall into a trap, kill prisoners, stop to loot or worse. Such armies struggle with supply lines and often stop to loot and gorge on food.

Most of these are grouped in
lots of 20 in a gang with a sub boss
lots of 40 band with boss
lots of 100 mob with a hero and two bosses and five sub bosses
host of 1000 horde with a great leader is rare but possible

Peasant Mob armed with common farm tools, irregular and passionate but poorly disciplined
City Mob armed with common weapons and tools, chaotic and bloodthirsty
Peasant Militia with some regular training with spears and polearms in formation
Peasant Slingers with slings, irregular with low morale
Peasant Archers with shortbows, march as regulars but low morale
Yeomen Soldiers elite freemen regulars with longbows and two handed swords, high morale
Bandit Gang veteran skirmishers suited to raiding and subterfuge
Foreign Mercenaries with quality equipment operate as state forces
New Model Army, regulars with heavy armour, pikes, halberds, crossbows and gunpowder
Magicians more likely to include druids and priests who attach themselves to groups

State Forces
These are traditional armed forces of the state. Will used peasant troops by force similar to rebels and treated as expendable. Such troops may change sides if mistreated. Professional troops are disciplined and willing to kill everyone in war. Experienced officers and supply trains give them a advantage but often self assured incompetent or mad nobles might interfere damaging morale and making foolish decisions based on pride. Various specialty support staff include baggage handlers for mule trains, translators, wizards.

Typically these are organised in:
squads of ten including a corporal - 10 men
two squads with a sergeant - 21 men
Platoon with four squats and a lieutenant - 85 men
Company with four platoons and a captain - 341 men
Army four companies and a general - 1200+
Multimple armies are led by a field marshal

Militia Squads with beadle instead of a corporal, bailiff instead of sergeant and sheriff in charge
Light Infantry mostly skirmishers in leather with spear and shield with some javelins
Barbarian War Band often irregular, shield, axe, javelin often paid to fight
Heavy Infantry with chain, shield and halberds
Foot Knights in plate with shields, spears and swords - uncommon elite trrops
Crossbowmen with chainmail and crossbows
Musketeers usually only a few squads with a arquebus per two men or a musket each
Grenadiers usually only a squad at most or more in siege use cast iron greanaides and bombs
Artillery with ballista, catapults and occasionally cannons mostly for siege work squad per machine
Light Cavalry with leather, javelins, lance
Heavy Cavalry with chain, sword and lance
Household knight elite cavalry with full plate, shields and lance
Priest units in chain, shield and mace act as medics and elite troops often in holy military orders
Wizard or Sorcerers often with several squads or guards or accompanying other mostly missile troops
Noble Dandies on horseback with swords and dueling pistols, often overconfidant

Other Forces
Non human troops might get involved also which could effect popular opinion. The king recruiting orcs might end up increasing the mob size. Some trained monsters are possible. As war goes on peasant troops might loot better equipment and increase morale and become regular. Townsmen with military experience might become officers for the mob and get them into shape. Revolutionaries are more willing to adopt new methods like guerrilla warfare or refuse pitched battles in open preferring forest skirmishes where armies are less effective. Monster armies might pour from dungeons as opportunists while bandits and robber knights might pretend to serve a faction just to get loot helping or hindering factions.

Encounter Types
d10 for first 24 hours opening of war
d20 for the d4 weeks after
d100 for ongoing war

d100 Revolt War Encounters
01 Bard spreading word of revolt in romantic terms encouraging all to resist tyranny
02 Rider scouting area
03 Bandits hiding in ambush for any oportunity
04 Angry peasant mob on way to join forces with others
05 Militiamen squad on patrol
06 Spy in common clothes serving a faction
07 Noble officer galloping through with message for superiors
08 Rebels watching road
09 Angry city mob with burning torches
10 Large militia force on the road unsure of which side to join

11 Swarm of angry farmers led by a charismatic hero or bard
12 Light cavalry galloping to support a battle urgently

13 Skirmishers on move looking to control a point
14 Light infantry on the march led by knight
15 Archers on the move uncertain of whose side they are on
16 Poorly equipped knights on horseback on way to lords estate
17 Merchant waggon with guards fleeing area
18 Goblins sensing chaos looking for opportunities
19 Yeomen band on the march
20 Light infantry guarding tax collector waggon
21 Crossbowmen squad set up position watching a road
22 Angry mob on way to local manour
23 Light cavalry on the march
24 Heavy Cavalry on the march
25 Light Infantry on the march
26 Heavy infantry on the march
27 Clerics holding the road
28 Foriegn mercenaies of uncertain alliegience
29 Orc mercenaries kee to comit atrocities for money
30 Bandit rebels on march leading peasant mob
31 Priest leading peasant band
32 Druid leading a barbarian warband from the wilds
33 Yeomen leading common horde  
34 Student idealists leading a city mob
35 Military supply waggon desperate to get back to own lines
36 Military waggons with light infantry guards
37 Force of slingers with women, old and youths in vengeful mood
38 Marching archers on the run to join resistance
39 Grenadiers and light infantrymen escorting waggon of gunpowder
40 Mob escorting waggon of looted artworks to stronghold
41 Light infantry captured escorting peasants to execution place
42 Several siege weapon waggons with light infantry escort
43 Bandits attacking merchant waggons
44 Rebels attacking infantry escorting noble carriage 
45 Lone battered knight fleeing a massacre
46 Knights in finery marching to the front
47 Knights in finery escorting noble to safetey
48 Foot Knights have barricaded road
49 Peasant mob have blocked road with rubble
50 Bandits have tree ready to drop on road to stop traffic
51 Peasant archers chasing some light infantry
52 Militia who have changed sides to rebellion fighting light infantry
53 Faerie folk of the woods chasing fleeing light infantry
54 Noble wizards on hill overlooking road with light infantry escorts
55 Beastmen looking for human corpses to take home to eat
56 Druid commanding forest animals to attack crossbowmen
57 Peasant priest with rebel militia marching to front
58 Crossbowmen suspending chain over waterway to stop boats
59 Peasant mob burning supply waggons and looting dead soldiers
60 Peasant mob with captured weapons and drunk
61 Cleric order squad declare any who resist heretics
62 Cleric order guarding holy relic waggons to safe church
63 Cleric order burning peasants at stake for godless rebelion
64 Noble dandies on horseback certain they can route any foe
65 Peasant mob have dug in position with trenches and sharpened stakes
66 Foreign noble leading disciplined peasants with long spears marching in formation
67 Necromancer wizard with zombie knights 
68 Heavy infantry driving conscripted peasants militia before them
69 All women peasant mob angrily marching to front
70 Peasants have overturned waggons to block road with archers
71 Alchemist noble has mined road and has crossbowmen guards hidden with fuse
72 Dandies with fancy groomed warhounds chasing peasants and laughing
73 Horde of marching peasants with noble heads on pikes
74 Resting horde with bonfire of noble and knight corpses singing and drinking
75 Fortified buildings with peasants inside surrounded by nobles with siege weapons
76 Peasants in fortified church, nobility moving cannon into position
77 Nobles with bombards shelling a town
78 Peasant mob with captured crossbowmen equiptment
79 Peasant horde fighting army and losing ground
80 Mercenary captain with squad of new model army and peasant mob
81 New Model Army in force marching
82 Musket men with light infantry holding road
83 Artillery covering road from hidden position with crossbowmen
84 Marching army with important general
85 Noble army in stockade surrounded by hordes of peasants with burning torches
86 Cavalry charging peasant fortified trenches
87 Slingers hurling fire heated clay bullets at burning fortified noble house
88 Peasant archers and crossbowmen maneuvering and trying to get advantage
89 Noble forces watching while grenadiers sneaking up on peasant barricades
90 Nobles with cannon with grapeshot in house taunting peasant mob to attack 
91 Musket Men in tower shooting peasant gang trying to batter through tower doors 
92 Archers and crossbowmen shooting each other over a body of water in stalemate
93 Musketeers pinned down peasant militia in ditch by road
94 Foreign mercenaries attacking local noble forces
95 Foreign mercenaries attacking local peasant forces
96 Several armies under command of field marshal marching
97 Thousands of men on both sides in terrible battle blasted wasteland
98 Beastmen feasting on field of corpses keen to fight any humans
99 Huge force of bandits attacking noble supply convoy
100 Hundreds of cultists with torches in hoods looking for victims for great sacrifice

d100 Wonders of War
01 Smoke from distant burning buildings
02 Corpses of peasants on roadside
03 Dead tax collector and guards
04 Dead priest, disembowelled on road
05 Refugees fleeing conflict with worldly goods
06 Refugees some wounded with nothing
07 Lost children who's parents fled
08 Fleeing wealthy with waggons overflowing with wealth planning to leave country
09 Rider warning a army or mob on the march
10 Burning house

11 Hung corpses dangling from trees
 Pit full of corpses by roadside
13 Peasants hanging a merchant
14 Slavers trying to get captives out of the area
15 Noble carriage fleeing
16 Shepherd fleeing with animals from military
17 Serfs wrecking a bridge
18 Serfs collapsing cliff to block a road
19 Noble and militia abusing serfs 
20 Knight leading light cavalry against fleeing women and children
21 Priest trying to convince peasants to cease the godless rebelion
22 Priest trying to exhort peasants to revolt against tyranny
23 Knight convincing militia to turn on villagers in revolt
24 Militia watching executioner behead captured bandits
25 Dandy nobles watching light infantry execute of peasants
26 Servant is disguise with waggon trying to get noble children out of kingdom
27 Traveling carny folk trying to flee area
28 Vutures feasting on stripped mutilated corpses
29 Ravens picking at corpses hanging in trees
30 Impaled corpses on poles
31 Remains of burnt corpses on charred steaks
32 Noble born priest and infantry preparing to burn accused witches
33 Severed heads on pikes
34 Soldiers killed shepherds and rounding up animals for army
35 Peasants mutilating and torturing nobles
36 Noble and his men chasing village wenches for sport
37 Peasant women castrating nobles who tried to rape them
38 Envoy of ruler declaring rebels to be executed unless they surrender to any who listen
39 Hear drums and horns of marching distant army
40 Young wizard apprentice Wd4 has fled master to join rebellion
41 Squad of infantry guarding a noble wizard looking for missing aprentice
42 Crossbowmen chasing peasant children escaping from waggon
43 Merchant with only a few guards tries to bribe any potential foe
44 Noble lord with savage war poodle and crossbowmen 
45 Noble lord actually demon cultist wizard with crossbowmen
46 Witches collecting blood and organs from battlefield
47 Cult summoning a demon on the road to add to mayhem
48 Nobles burning a commoners church with women and children inside
49 Cultist convincing mob to murder and torture captured royalists
50 Witches brewing poison in cauldron to befoul local water in field of corpses
51 Peasants with beautiful noble witch in cage awaiting a priest to help burn her
52 Peasants eating a horse by mutilated noble corpse
53 Peasants trying on fancy clothes from looted noble carraige
54 Wild dogs gnawing on corpses
55 Witches cooking and eating a baby by side of the road
56 Peasants burning waggon load of books 
57 Nobles putting peasant children in catapault and firing into bonfire58 Peasants have left waggon of poison brandy on roadside with dead donkey 
59 Peasants have taken a abattoir and have cages full of merchants and nobles families
60 Peasants have captured knights and have them bound and ready to behead
61 Nobleman and troops have captured turncoat militia and are holding a trial
62 Nobleman and troops have captured a bard fermenting unrest and holding a trial
63 Nobleman and militia have captured a foreign spy aiding the revolt 
64 Peasant soldiers have captured a noble spy and debating how to kill him
65 New model army training peasants into regular army in field
66 Multiple burning buildings with cheering men watching 
67 Soldiers locking peasants in barn and getting ready to set on fire
68 Peasants burning down a monastery full of records
69 Fortified town buildings heavily barricaded with paranoid villagers inside
70 Fortified manor house with starving nobles and men inside
71 Pack of starving dogs looking for food
72 Hungry kobolds trading weapons for food with peasants
73 Soldiers robbing peasants for food and presenting them with IOU from ruler 
74 Starving peasants begging for food
75 Soldiers burning haystacks
76 Peasants hanging soldiers entrails in the trees
77 Soldiers nailing flailed peasant skins to wall
78 Peasants testing exciting new decapitation machine built by engineer student
79 Doctor treating wounded by side of the road
80 Priests preying at roadside shrine for peace
81 Priests begging for money to help the poor or the ruler
82 Peasants begging weapons so they can join the rebelion
83 A war poodle with fancy haircut and collar belonging to a rich man lost from a battle
84 Camp of soldiers resting after a battle, treating wounds and getting drunk
85 Peasants roasting a nobleman's pet poodle on a spit
86 Peasants playing ball with merchants severed head
87 Peasants robbing a money lender and demanding his ledgers so they can burn them
88 Knights playing polo with peasant children, several killed already
89 Noble riders with torches setting alight peasant houses
90 Mob of horrible freed criminals robbing and killing a merchant caravan
91 Turncoat light infantry helping peasants fight knights
92 Huge prison camp stockade with hundreds of prisoners under guard
93 Knights throwing women tied to children into a well
94 Witches tormenting tied up knights
95 Drunken cavalrymen robbing a alehouse
96 See army assembled with ruler inspecting them
97 Cultists in field of corpses dedicated blood to chaos gods
98 Noble trying to stop men and orc mercenaries from fighting
99 Orcs demanding more pay from mercenaries

100 Peasants meeting foriegn agents delivering coffer of gold coins to aid the revolution